About Us

Alpke is engaged in the production and insulation of copper and aluminum under the roof of DMY International Investments.

Our Vision

We serve our customers with integrity and trust.
We set attainable, lean targets and demonstrate hard work and discipline to achieve these targets.
We have a dynamic and open-minded technical team.
We provide our employees with reliable and healthy work environments.
We take measures to ensure maximum level of health and safety at work in accordance with the
legal requirements regarding Occupational Health and Safety and implement such measures at our workplaces.

Our Mission

We intend to monitor worldwide market developments and introduce new product advancements and innovations to our clients.
We seek to improve the quality of our products as well as the performance of our employees by taking a rigorous approach in total quality management.
We are committed to fulfilling the demands and suggestions of our customers by carefully addressing any customer relations feedback.

Established in 2010, Istanbul, ALPKE A.Ş. operates in the production and insulation of Copper and Aluminum conductors. Our company was started as a Joint-Venture and strengthened its position in early 2013 by acquiring all of the company’s shares.

During the same year, our business took over Kale Ticaret Bobinaj San. Tic. Ltd. Şti., a company manufacturing Insulated Copper and Aluminum since 1979, including all of its equipment and staff, increasing our market share and production capacity.

Offering advantageous alternatives to its customers through tailor-made insulated Copper and Aluminum conductor production, our company has improved its technical infrastructure and production team and achieved its goal of keeping up with its European competitors in terms of product quality in a short period of time.

We continue to invest in new machinery in line with the increasing demand from the transformer industry. Our production complies with IEC, DIN, TSE standards as well as custom specifications of our clients, thanks to our quality enhancement and quality control investments. Our in-house test laboratories are used to test all products manufactured by us, documenting the products for our customers.

Based on the results from the test reports, we provide our customers with 100% accurate data that aids in technical calculations. Since the beginning, we apply a principled, straightforward and high- quality production approach with the purpose of expeditious and high quality product delivery. We export to over 20 countries across three continents with internationally acknowledged product