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Bare Copper and Aluminum Conductor

  • These are the main metals used as a conductor
  • They are used mainly in motors, generators and transformer after insulating with required materials
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Fiberglass Insulated Wire

  • Can be impregnated with different varnishes.
  • The insulation is mechanically strong and can be used in high voltage applications safely.
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Daglas Insulated Conductor

  • The insubonding of the insulation is very good.
  • Can be impregnated with F, H Class varnishes
  • Suitable for high voltage applications
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Kraft Paper Insulated Conductor

  • The paper is strong and can not be torn easily.
  • Mainly used in transformer coils cooled with oil.
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Polyester – Mylar Insulated Conductor

  • Used in special type of transformers.
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Mica Insulated Conductor

  • Used in high voltage applications.
  • Prefered mainly because of the electricalproperties of mica.
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Nomex Insulated Conductor

  • Used in high temparature where mechanical resistance is required.
  • Used in special transformers
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Kapton Insulated Conductor

  • Self adhesive or non adhesive types are applied, very high temparature resistant.
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Double and Triple Conductors

  • Reduces the labour hours where paralel windings are required fort he end users.
  • Can be wrapped with different insulation materials
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Enamel Insulated Conductor

  • Enamell is applied in high voltage rates and the material reaches to higher BDV levels.
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Copper Clad Aluminum

  • Copper clad aluminum (CCA) wire is a bimetallic wire with a copper cladding concentrically covering an aluminum core, which combines the optimum propertiesof both metals in a single composite material ideally suited for most electrical conductor applications
  • The processing method of CCA wire is similar to that of copper wire during cable manufacture
Emaye Kaplı Bakır

Enamelled CCA Conductor

  • Enamelled CCA wire is a new kind of magnet wire applying CCA as conductor, which combines the beneficial properties of the wonderful conductivity of copper and light-weight of aluminum.