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Copper Clad Aluminum

  • Copper clad aluminum (CCA) wire is a bimetallic wire with a copper cladding concentrically covering an aluminum core, which combines the optimum propertiesof both metals in a single composite material ideally suited for most electrical conductor applications
  • The processing method of CCA wire is similar to that of copper wire during cable manufacture
SpecificationsCopper in Valume (%)Copper in mass(%)Length ComparisonDensity
Max.DC resistivity Ω mm2/m( 20◦C)Min.Conductivit
CCA-10% Copper volume8≈<13272.65:13.320.0274363
CCA-15% Copper volume13-17272.45:13.630.0267665
Copper wire1001001:18.890.017241100